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Shari Sitzmann, RICP®, CLTC
I'm authorized to offer products from New York Life to AARP members.

Shari Sitzmann
As a New York Life Agent since 2007 and in the financial professional arena for over 30 years, I am honored each and every time to work with my clients.  I love helping middle-class Americans,  like myself,  understand their financial paths without having to pay high fees for my expertise. 

Born and raised in the Midwest,  I have been a resident of the LeMars area over 30 years.  I have a vested interest in seeing my friends, family,  and neighbors succeed.

I have expanded my expertise throught extensive studies and am proud to have earned my RICP® designation -- Retirement Income Certified Professional from The American College of Financial Services.  Retirement Income Planning is a path that I have an extreme passion for,  as many of my family and friends are retiring and seek guidance to understand that it's not just about having a pile of money.  Retirement is a complex and complicated new chapter in your life --  and requires your own personal financial expert.  I'm happy to provide valuable expertise to my clients without cost.  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with knowledge and expertise to help guide you on your financial path?

An important component to anyone's financial journey is the discussion of extended care as we age.  I have further expanded my expertise with my CLTC (Certified, Long Term Care) designation.  My personal loss of my step father due to  Alzheimers has given me a distinct desire to ensure that EVERYONE discuss the "elephant in the room" -- who will take care of me as I age and how will I pay for that care.  This journey with our parents, siblings, friends, other family members is not one to go alone.  Having that trusted financial professional who understands this path first hand is a benefit for my clients.

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